Is It Worth Cleaning Windows In The Rain?

It is a common myth that cleaning windows in the rain is a waste of time and money. In fact, if you think about when your windows were actually last cleaned, they would most likely benefit from having a good clean even if it is raining. Professional cleaning regimes actually recommend that they get a clean at least every month.

Rain water normally contains far fewer contaminates in solution than tap water in many parts of the country, and is more suited to cleaning and removing dirt than ‘clean’ tap water. If you measure the number of contaminates in solution in rainwater using a TDS meter, the reading ranges from very low to zero in many parts of the country. Whereas, tap water normally has between 30 – 200 times more solids dissolved into it. These figures are important to window cleaners.

So when the window cleaner visits he is literally scrubbing off weeks, if not months worth of dirt. If it was to rain immediately after they have been cleaned, or even whilst they are being cleaned, it is impossible for them to become dirtier than before it had rained since rainwater is practically pure!

What rain does do is move dirt around that is already on the window which can make them appear dirtier than they were before. So isn’t that reason enough to let the window cleaner get on with doing his job!

So, yes you can clean windows in the rain. The next time you see your window cleaner out in the rain, don’t think: “he shouldn’t be cleaning windows in the rain.” Instead, feel sorry for him, because frankly it’s miserable working outside in that weather! Cleaning windows in the rain is not a problem.  However, one thing that does make a difference when cleaning windows in the rain; if you use the traditional style of window cleaning, it is more difficult to finish them whilst it is raining – not impossible, but it is more difficult.

DSC03204.JPG“With over 20 years experience, I still feel that the traditional method of cleaning windows is the best!” – Ashley.

Windows cleaned ‘by hand’ means that there is greater opportunity to give attention to detail. For us, this service always includes wiping down the frames and the sills, making sure that the whole window is kept clean.

This mentality also applies to all of our other services and we take great pride in delivering the highest quality of work.

Our customers locally have found us to be reliable and trustworthy. This has proved true with many home owners and businesses using a wide range of our different services on their property on a regular basis, year after year.

Window Cleaner and more! – Video

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