Removing Hardwater Spots

Hard water spots are caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water. When a surface gets wet, the water evaporates but leaves the mineral deposits behind. Sprinklers, car washes, and showers can all cause hard water spots to form on glass. Chemically, these deposits are alkali, so they require an acid to remove them. With a few household ingredients, you can remove and prevent further mineral deposits.

The best vinegar to use is plain white distilled vinegar, which is inexpensive and effective. A higher concentration of vinegar may be even more effective, so adjust the vinegar to water ratio based on the severity of the water spots. Spray the solution on the glass, being sure to fully saturate any stubborn water spots or areas of concentrated buildup. Allow the vinegar to soak, and reapply a couple of times for particularly dirty areas.

Lemon juice has the same acidic properties as vinegar, and can be equally as effective. Fresh lemon usually works better than bottled lemon juice.

* Try rolling the lemon on a hard surface with some pressure before cutting it open. This will make the lemon easier to juice.

* Squeeze the juice out of a lemon and place in a spray bottle with water or use a towel to apply the lemon juice to the glass.

* Alternatively, you can use the lemon itself on the surface of the glass. Just cut the lemon in half and rub the open area on the glass with a fair amount of pressure.

* Allow the lemon to soak in, then remove from the glass using water or a traditional glass cleaner.

Removing Hardware Stains – Video

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